writing/podcast samples


daddy’s beemer about sxsw, summer tour, & new music
meet the band series: jail socks
meet the band series: insignificant other
meet the band series: the weak days
meet the band series: short fictions
marketing, their message, and their music with heart attack man
meet the band series: teamonade
meet the band series: absinthe father & woolbright
meet the band series: palomino blond
meet the band series: pictures of vernon
six hours with heart attack man


wallows – nothing happens 
cicala – post country
future crib – friends
best 60 records of 2019 so far – never better (niiice.) & uckhole futah (on drugs)
bands to see at fest: perspective, a lovely hand to hold and insignificant other
most anticipated of 2020: dogleg, halsey, heart attack man, palomino blond, anxious


horrible girl and the hot mess – “making out with strangers”
niiice. – “caffeine”
american spirits – “retrograde”
quinn cicala – “gdnght”
biitchseat – “bathroom”
roseville – “riot juice”
absinthe father – “without”
woolbright – “i know it hurts”
sweet peach and ben quad – “let’s split up”
gully boys – “new song no. 2”
coolcoolcool – “wait”
sweet peach & ben quad – “let’s split up”

publicity bloggin

(summer ’19)
covering single premieres, label signings, tour announcements, etc

podast features

talking “nothing happens”– wallows’ LP1 with dc hendrix for music vibes podcast
angry grrrl music of the indie rock persuasion – “music matches a mood”
endless scroll – “diy jack of all trades”