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january new releases


o.kayolivia – january new releases

i made a nice little playlist of some of my favorite tracks that got released this month! below i’ve collected some obnoxious word-vomit descriptions of the artists you’ll hear when you listen. hit up my twitter and let me know what your favorite january drop was!!


better oblivion community center – self titled
cozy slowtime winter blues

lowrtown – friends
sleepy garage duets

diva sweetly – in the living room
surprising energy under polished poppunk

bring me the horizon – amo
uppity posthard electrix

rat boy – internationally unknown
punky british skating bars

spendtime palace – all inclusive romantic getaway
hazey dazey dreamy surf rock

fidlar – almost free
strange punk experimental guessing game

origami angel & commander salamander – holy split
oa: glowy angsty fun shredder
cs: overpowering assurance fastlane punk

vampire weekend – harmony hall/2021
glowing choral laments of the future


remi wolf – guy
strong bouncy groovepop

greer – song for me
pleading reminiscent romance/power slow rock

stars hollow – tadpole
gloomy emo regret jam

pup – kids
anthemic perfected confessional rock

sunflower bean – king of the dudes
sparkly retro gal-power bop

american football (ft. hayley williams) – uncomfortably numb
rolling melodies echoed through two narrators

hate drugs – so cruel
needy rolling synthdream tune

swmrs – trashbag baby
higkey rhythmic top-down banger

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